Our Team

Our Team
Tim Hockley
CEO, President & Co-founder
Tim really believes “Life’s a journey, not a destination”, and his passion and positive approach are constantly creating new ways to drive Redstone forward. The ultimate combination of creative personality and sales professional, Tim has developed Redstone from a single small publication to a multi media leader within the pet, equine and veterinary industries. Tim’s career has had some interesting stops along the way. Starting his career in Toronto after graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University, Tim had a very successful career in marketing, retail franchise development and pet product distribution with stints in Europe and Central America before launching Redstone. His reputation for being an advocate for animal wellness, an industry leader and groundbreaker have seen him rent the Rose Bowl in California and host the worlds largest animal wellness Expo as well as earn consultation contracts from as far away as Japan.
Dana Cox
Creative Director & Co-founder
After an award-winning advertising and marketing career in Toronto (most recently as a VP and Creative Director at Carlson Marketing Group) working for clients such as British Airways, Ford, Chrysler, Via Rail, Interac and Federal Express, Dana returned to her first love – writing – and established Redstone as a successful publishing company. But it’s hard to curb creative enthusiasm so now Dana and the creative team bring artistic and strategic passion to multimedia projects for clients all over North America.
Kelly Howling
Editor - Equine Wellness Magazine
With a lifelong passion for animals, particularly horses, Kelly brings a wealth of personal experiences and knowledge to her position as editor for Equine Wellness Magazine. It has always been her goal to help promote the health and welfare of animals. As an equine training and coaching professional, Kelly specializing in working with horses with psychological, behavioral and physical challenges, as well as educating riders about the benefits of an integrative approach to horsemanship. Kelly has two of her own horses – Juley, a 9y/o Tennessee Walker/Mustang cross (PMU) mare, and Faith, an 8y/o Canadian mare. In her spare time she enjoys riding and showing on the provincial hunter/jumper and dressage circuits.
Ann Brightman
Managing Editor & Senior Writer
With a successful 20+-year writing and editing career under her belt, it’s no surprise that Ann loves language, and knows a thing or two about how to “turn a phrase”. Prior to joining Redstone, Ann’s vibrant career included stints as managing editor of Century Home Magazine, as well as editorial writing and copywriting for Northumberland Tourism. A Tai Chi instructor, Reiki practitioner and member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, Ann’s open-minded approach helps keep copy “fresh” and interesting while maintaining a high level of quality.
Dr. Christina Chambreau, DVM, CHC
Associate Editor - IVC Journal
Graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980. She is a founder of the Academy Of Veterinary Homeopathy, was on the faculty of the National Center for Homeopathy Summer School and has been the holistic modality adjunct faculty liaison for the Maryland Veterinary Technician Program. Dr. Chambreau teaches classes in homeopathy for animals, and lectures on many topics. She is the author of the Healthy Animal’s Journal and the co-author of the Homeopathic Repertory: A Tutorial.
Elizabeth Sinden
Office Manager & Executive Assistant
With more than 15 years of administrative and customer service experience under her belt, Libby is the glue that holds things together at Redstone. She liaises with all departments to ensure things are running smoothly and plans are being executed. In addition to her exemplary technical and administration skills, Libby is a certified Apple specialist and photography graduate of Algonquin College with several professionally published shots to her credit. She’s been around dogs and cats her whole life, and currently loves to lounge around with her incredible feline, Luke, who was rescued from a local parking lot by our CEO.
Dawn Cumby-Dallin
Senior Graphic Designer
Passionately creative and incredibly grounded. Dawn has that special combination that publishers dream about in a designer. Don’t try to get her flustered by deadlines while she’s creating the perfect spread – it’s not possible! Dawn works her design magic on a number of Redstone’s publications, drawing upon her experience in a variety of genres. A Graphic Design graduate of Durham College, Dawn is currently studying photography in her spare time. Some of her favourite subjects include her kids, dog and two cats.
Kathleen Atkinson
Senior Designer
An accomplished designer, Kathleen’s definitely been there, done that. . . and she still finds fresh, creative approaches to every project she works on. Whether it’s branding development or magazine layout, Kathleen’s thoughtful vision and inspired execution is always on target. A graduate of Durham College’s graphic design program, her experience includes stints on both the agency and corporate side for companies such as Bank of Montreal and Ontario Place.
Brad Vader
Digital Animator & Senior Web Designer
Brad is one of those talented, educated creatives who just keeps on learning. Famous for his favourite saying, “I can figure that out”, Brad’s wealth of knowledge and experience provide that wow factor to every project he works on, whether it’s a digital ad, an animation segment, or a website. Brad can write code in many different programming languages, including but not limited to PHP/HTML5, CSS5/SASS, SQL and JQuery/Javascript, but his passion and patience are not limited to what he creates onscreen – Brad is also a slightly obsessed golfer. (You can tell, can’t you?)
Ann Beacom
National Accounts Manager – Animal Wellness Magazine, IVC Journal & Canadian Dogs Annual
Ann has always had a love for animals, especially dogs. With a successful track record in advertising sales, Ann is fortunate to be able to combine her professional skills with her personal interests. Ann makes her clients a priority and is never slow to respond to an email or return a phone call. She is fortunate to call many of her clients friends and values this relationship. Balancing her career with being a mother to 3 older children is a challenge that she is happy to rise up to with patience and humour.
Becky Starr
Western Regional Manager - Animal Wellness Magazine, IVC Journal & Canadian Dogs Annual
Becky is a gifted educator and a has been a driving force at Redstone Media Group for over 12 years as the Western Regional Director of operations located in Los Angeles. Animals, natural healing, alternative health care and educating people are her passion which is why she is so successful in helping our advertising partners tell their story. Becky also has the rare gift of being able to understand the needs of her clients as well as the challenges that many of our readers experience with their animals. She is a true advocate of integrative health care for both animals and humans … “When I found Animal Wellness Magazine, it was everything I had been working toward and promoted all that I believed in”. Becky enjoys the California lifestyle living on Long Beach with her beloved dogs Timothy and Cute at her side. Oh ya...she likes monkeys too!
Karen Jeffries
Accounting Manager
With 25 years of accounting experience, Karen knows a thing or two about numbers, and she makes sure things always add up the way they’re supposed to. Calm, cool and collected, she also manages to keep the accounting department uber organized and efficient, while simultaneously sporting a smile on her face! Karen balances our crazy work environment by spending time with her fiance at car races, cuddling her two dogs, renovating and gardening (good thing you don’t use those giant green thumbs on your calculator, Karen!)
Kat Shaw
Multi-Media Specialist
As a customer service expert with a background in design and communications, Kat has a tremendous ability to utilize her unbridled enthusiasm to develop unique and innovate multi media marketing plans for all her clients. Her desire to learn and take on new challenges is what makes her a trendsetter in the industry. Kat has travelled and lived all over the world, is an avid scuba diver and loves all animals big and small.
Brittany Tufts
Operations Manager
After almost a decade of working in the television industry, Brittany has found a home at Redstone where her attention to detail and ability to "get it done" plus a passion for animals can work together. Brittany is the epitome of customer service with great initiative and attitude plus a super infectious smile making her a natural addition to the Redstone team as Operations Manager. Growing up in Niagara with a family that had all types of critters, Brittany developed a lifelong love of animals that only grew more intense with the adoption of her own fur babies; her Australian Shepherd Odin, her German Shepherd/Husky Olive and her rescued cat Miss Murray. Hey Brit... we love those dance moves 🙂
Maddie Maillet
Social Media Manager
Maddie is always up for a challenge whether it is as Redstone's Social Media manager or rescuing animals. Maddie has a heart of gold and her compassion and kindness towards animals plus her back ground including a Public Relations diploma and working for non profits in fundraising and adoption makes her a natural at managing Redstone's Ambassador and Social Media program. "Helping animals is my life." says Maddie who has fostered 20 dogs and 25 cats over the last few years. "If they need help then I’ll do what I can.” Living the life of helping animals also carries over to her home where she currently has a dog and three cats, all rescues who all came from failed adoptions. Rayne, Sage, Stewart & Theo... you are very lucky critters.